#Meaningful simplicity

La relació inversa de complexitat i simplicitat és la mateixa; un text complex de la mireia almena esbossa una idea senzilla. Un raig de llum en dies grisos.

It is the arrogant superiority in our evolutionary complexity that deems an intricate thought better, as opposed to the gentle singularity of a simple one. Simplicity carries a certain elegance to, oftentimes, absorb meaning in a much deeper way, it offers a shortcut to connection that no over-the-top, elaborate gesture could ever match.

Art is perhaps the only perspective through which simplicity is seen with kinder eyes, as it finds a way to not only understand it, but somehow channel it into a blissful piece of beauty. It masterfully sets simplicity as a forefront for complexity. It sells an oblivious audience the idea of an easy concept, while carefully crafting a root for a more profound conversation. Art comprehends that a complicated notion is the restlessness that falls behind an uncomplicated one, it is the inevitable questions that our curious nature drops in our subconscious. And the inverted situation is nothing but a mirror, for a minimalistic take can be expressed through a highly convoluted approach. It is for that matter that simplicity and complexity are intertwined, as two opposites that blend together to create life, not as a competition with a winning side.

Detall del meu pare a la meva mare

-Mireia Almena

Publicado por Clàudia Segura

Journalism student :)


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